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  • Can I videotape the performances?
    • Non-Professional performances must pay $100 plus 5% of all proceeds from video sales. All sales must be financially documented.
    • Professional companies contact us for pricing.
  • I paid a royalty, but my show was cancelled, can I be refunded?
    • All performance fee payments can be refunded due to performance cancellation up to 7 days before the first performance date. Any request for refund after the performance date (yes, we do get those) will be denied.
  • I understand you don't want me to photocopy, but can I get a more detailed explanation?
    • All plays from Creative Classics Scripts are protected by United States and International Copyright Laws. You may not reproduce, edit, or rewrite any copyrighted material in part or in whole, nor may you videotape without written permission from the copyright holder. All rights, including but not limited to movie, radio, television, and/or audio rights; any written reproduction; excerpts; and/or foreign language translations, are reserved. Title 17, United States Code, Sec. 106.
    • We reserve the right to decline to do business with and/or issue performance rights to any group or organization for any reason.
  • Are there any acknowledgement requirements for advertising?
    • We request that the producers of a play give credit to the author(s) of a play/adaptation in all programs distributed in connection with the performance of the play and on all advertising, posters, play bills, etc.
  • I have questions that aren't being answered here . . .
    • Sorry about that! Contact us and we would be happy to answer your specific questions!

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