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Creative Classics Scripts is dedicated to providing clean, family-oriented scripts adapted from classic literature, specifically designed for simple sets and smaller casts. At this time our offering is small, but we will add to it as rapidly as we can.
Shop our online store for all your theatrical production needs. Creative Classics is dedicated to service, quality, and creativity to help you put on your best production ever.


There are many script companies available, but only Creative Classics combines the highest quality with convenience and easy-to-deal-with people. Creative Classics is your one-stop shop for theater. From original plays, to adaptations of favorite stories, to props, we have it all. Take your time, browse our in-stock titles, or contact our Customer Service for information, or to see if we can make your production even more special, just for you!

To learn more about Creative Classics Scripts as a company and the people involved, meet the cast. 

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