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A Play in 2 Acts

52 pages

Runtime ~ 78 minutes

4 male leads, 1 female lead, 7-9 supporting actors – 2 female, 3 male, 2 non-gender.
Easily expanded to a larger cast.

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Based on the classic novel by Jules Verne, this play brings a sense of adventure, fun, wild antics, and can-do attitude to the stage. A "gentleman" bank robber has robbed a London bank of the enormous sum of 55,000 pounds. As the gentlemen in a London club discuss whether they believe the robber can escape capture, Mr. Phileas Fogg announces that a man can circle the globe in 80 days. When his companions ridicule his statement, Fogg wagers 20,000 pounds that he can do just that, and he proposes to leave that very night. He embarks with his new, faithful French servant, Passepartout, on a whirlwind tour that will take them across oceans, through the jungles of India, where they rescue the beautiful Princess Aouda from death, and across the wild western plains of North America, battling cowboys, bandits, and hostile Native Americans.

As if the usual obstacles were not enough, a British detective has decided Fogg bears a distinct resemblance to the London bank robber, and follows Fogg and his party around the globe, hindering him as much as possible. Can they possibly make it back to London in 80 days? As Mr. Fogg is fond of saying: "Delays are predictable."

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