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A Play in 2 Acts

66 pages

Runtime ~ 99 minutes

1 female lead, 1 non-gender lead
10-13 supporting actors - 4 male, 6 female, 3 non-gender.
Easily expanded to larger casts.

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"Poor Alice was in a pickle. Not a real pickle, mind you. That would have been too easy for, hungry as Alice was, she could have eaten her way out of that rather quickly. No, this pickle was more of a dungeon, really, and try as she might, Alice could not chew her way through."

Thrown into a world she doesn't understand, Alice must struggle not just to find her way home, but also to bring some semblance of order and morality to the curious world of Wonderland. Based on Lewis Carroll's classic stories Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, this riotous adaptation employs an unforgettable cast of well known characters in a story full of word play, laughs, and just a little bit of insanity. For, as the Cheshire Cat says, "we're all mad here."

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