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A Play in 2 Acts

66 pages

Runtime ~ 99 minutes

2 male leads, 1 female lead, 7-10 supporting actors – 2 male.
Easily expanded to a larger cast.

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"The butterflies wing their way across the meadows, to make love to the adored flowers! Love! Love opens wide the heart of all nature!!! And you ask me to consent to a marriage of reason!?!"

Inspired by William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, this comic play follows Thomas Strawfield, a con artist who goes by the name of Straforel, in his attempts to pay back debts to the Boston Mafia. Stumbling across an opportunity to earn the money by playing matchmaker to Edward and Katherine, two young romantic idealists, Straforel sets up his plan only to have Edward leave town in search of "true romance." What follows is a zany, mixed-up series of chases, leaving laughter and confusion behind on the way to a glorious finale with sword fights, guns, and the heart-warming realization that love may be closer than you think.

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